about the reviews

   The reviews section of my website feature actual Audience Participation Evaluation Results in an unvarnished way and are intended to give you a large sampling of reactions to my presentations on various specifictopics. As a designer, educator and public speaker it is my job to bring new information to a groups of people seeking that information. I always attempt to ‘bring it’ in an enthusiastic and interactive way. These reviews are essential for you in order to determine if as a speaker, I would be interesting and informative, and for me as a presenter, to see how I could improve the topic and make a better presentation next time.

    I don’t know of any other lighting consultant educator who would dare post their reviews, but I do because I’m very proud of them.  None of my presentations are canned. I have presented the same course title and learning objectives, but never in the same way or with the same material. 

    My presentations vary in length from one hour to five hours. I have several repeat engagements: some groups just can’t get enough, and I make it really fun for peopleto learn a lot in a fixed amount of time.

2017 Strategies in Light: Using Your Head to Light From Your Heart

2017 LIGHTFAIR International: Using Your Head to Light From Your Heart

2015 Lightshow West: Get Blue and Go Home

2014 LED Specifier Summit 

2014 Lightshow Southwest: Get it Right! Architectural Lighting Outcomes with the Latest LED Technology

2012 Milwaukee Institute of Art + Design Fall Semester Student Survey

2012 IDCEC Bright Ideas: Lighting, New Technology, Wellness, and Excitement

2012 IDCEC Bright Ideas: Lighting, Well-Being, and Visual Perfection

2012 Building Science Conference

2011 Healthcare Design Conference

2011 IDCEC CEU Conference  

2011 Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo 

2010 Lightfair International Audience

2010 Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo 

2009 Better Buildings: Better Business

2008 NeoCon World's Trade Fair 

2007 NeoCon World's Trade Fair

2006 Lightfair International