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Speaker | NeoCon World Trade Fair

  • Merchandise Mart Plaza 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 470 Chicago, IL 60654 USA (map)

Lighting Elixir: Tonic for SAD Interiors and Stimulus for Happy Staff and Patient Satisfaction

People tend to interact spontaneously or engage in a predictable manner of connection within an area where there is a combination of good lighting and color. Lighting also significantly impacts the quality of everyday commerce and human connectivity, affects the scale of movement and leisure, and renders specific aesthetic qualities of approach, pause, transit and departure. The foundation for generating clear and successful design concepts more than ever revolves around lighting integration. Scientific research reveals new thresholds on how light affects not just vision, but also neurology and the attitudes of people in healthcare environments. This knowledge, plus ongoing research in the field, coupled with the latest LED lighting and control technologies, opens up a whole new scope for practicing designers in all sectors of their work. . Familiar lamp types are being legislated out of existence. New performance standards are being phased in. New rules and unfamiliar new sources create some uneasiness among practitioners.

Learning Objective 1
Attendees will learn the new standards, explore LED technology receive a satisfying explanation to the reasons why the new products can replace the old, which products are excellent choices (and which are not) what the differences will be, and what to expect in performance and lighting quality.

Learning Objective 2
Understand the interconnection of color and light from user-friendly evidence based
perspective in order to broaden your professional expertise while specifying color and light.

Learning Objective 3
Explore research-driven findings relating to the human need for color and light and discover, how as designers, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of all who occupy that space.

Learning Objective 4
Learn simple and affordable techniques using color and light to visually enhance any indoor space while adding to the comfort level, productivity and performance of all occupants within that space.